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Milan and Verbania-Stresa

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The facilities of the Istituto Auxologico Italiano are located in Lombardy and Piedmont. The city of Milan is the hub of the Institute's activity, each year Milan attracts art lovers, businessmen, attentive and inquisitive travellers, technology, fashion and design enthusiasts. Milan is constantly evolving and is renowned for its vitality and for a tourism experience that is generous and never mundane.

The churches, palaces and museums of Milan tell the story of a great artistic vocation. Milan is the city of masterpieces, for example, Leonardo's Last Supper, the School of Athens by Raphael and the Rondanini Pieta by Michelangelo. The visitor is spoilt for choice from among hundreds of works kept in locations which have centuries-old charm.

Music, in particular, Opera and the ballet, represent a further and decisive attraction for enthusiasts throughout the world, thanks to the events featured at the La Scala Opera House, the live shows and the concerts.

And in addition, Milan is synonymous of good food. A cuisine based on research, research to find the best ingredients, intelligent fusions with the best European cuisines. Italian tradition is intensified by a constant attention to new ideas.

The evening and night time, for fun loving people, when the “movida” venues come to life, for example, the “Navigli”, which create an enchanting frame to the desire to be in the company of others, perhaps enjoying an aperitif.

The features of interest must certainly include fashion. The fashion shows with the top designers, the boutiques in via Monte Napoleone... the latest trends in style are created here and shopping enthusiasts can enjoy unforgettable experiences.

In addition, Istituto Auxologico Italiano has two centres on Lake Maggiore, between Stresa and Verbania, in an area where man has learned how to respect nature, and if possible, enhance the fascination of a striking landscape.

Each year thousands of tourists visit the Borromeo Gulf to breathe the romantic atmosphere and to visit the refined villas which adorn the lakefront.
The town of Stresa overlooks a portion of the lake where the Borromee Islands are located (“Isola Bella”, “Isola Madre” and “Isola dei Pescatori”): this is the ideal context for a relaxing and pleasant holiday.

Verbania is a well-known tourist centre, situated between the lake and the surrounding hills, the Verbania area is adorned with small villages characterised by the panoramic view over the Borromeo Gulf. The Val Grande National Park is not very far from Verbania, this Park is the largest wild area of the Alpine region.

Therefore, the Istituto Auxologico facilities are immersed in a vibrant area, with a wide range of initiatives, ready for Expo 2015 and to blend with the world's cultures and ideas, as is the vocation of the Italian people. Thanks to agreements with qualified tour operators, those who intend to use our health facilities can organise for themselves and for their companions, all the aspects relating to safe travelling and a journey full of positive experiences to be enjoyed.

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